Friday, February 22, 2008

Lone Star Beer is a hell of a Drug, Or, Can you believe people actually read this Sh*t?

A year has quickly flown by and we are back. SXSW 08 is fast approaching and the BTY crew will be in Austin covering all those bands that you don't care about. Amazingly enough some people did pay attention to us last year, even quoting some of our thoughts. Our thoughts this year may be harder to quote since the lure of Lone Star Beer and Texas Tea is stronger then ever, foreshadowing some hard core inebriation. Here are some things we are looking forward to.

Motorhead @ the Scion Day Party
Harvey Milk @ the Hydrahead Showcase
Mess with Texas 2
British Sea Power
Relaspe Showcase @ Emo's Annex

And Hopefully another Fader Fort

Plus more seems to have the best info so go there to stay updated has the day by day schedule up so start planning

Almost there

BTY 4 Life