Monday, March 12, 2007

Anticipation + The Unluck of the Irish


So this time tomorrow xtheprophetx and I will be in Austin, TX.
We will be trying to stay dry.
We will be looking good.
We will be drunk.

What am I looking forward to most at my first SXSW:

Jay Ryan Mistake Book
Day Parties
Wearing Hoodies
Artist Sketches
Hitting People with Fistfuls of Money

Overall, just being BTY.

Keep checking back throughout the following days, Constant Reader, as we will be updating the blog with all our SXSW 2007 thoughts.

The Unluck of the Irish

I live in a city with a good size Irish population. St. Patrick's Day is a big deal around here.
That being said, do you THINK I could find anything green to wear in this ENTIRE AREA?
A green hoodie doesn't sound that complicated to you, does it? Nowhere to be found.
I had to go to a sweatshop to find one. Unbelieveable.

Things you should be paying attention to:'s exclusive GID El Panda Figure
Arcade Fire's Neon Bible
Jared Connor's new Mars Volta poster -'s exclusive Mickey Mouse "Runaway Brain" toy advance sale
Bwana Spoon's custom work and paintings at
BEASTS! book
Inoxia's Sunn O))) + Boris Altar 3LP pre-sale

That will get you started. Wanna be BTY? Get going.

Talk to you soon from SXSW.

BTY 4 Life

The High Priest

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