Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Deep in the Heart of Wet Texas or God Bless You, John Wonder

So, we're here.
We're wet.
We're drunk.

It is raining to beat the band. We almost didn't land in Austin due to the weather, but our co-captain John Wonder plowed us through the dark clouds at break-neck speeds. It was not pleasant. Children were sobbing.

We then were refused alcohol sales at grocery establishments because of our out-of-town I.D.s.

Things were not BTY.

But then we arrived at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Austin.
Great Service.
Quick check-in.
Free vodka AND cheese AND fruit brought right up to the room.

We salute you Hyatt Regency Austin. The ONLY BTY sponsored hotel in the greater Austin area.

Our Badges are in hand. We ate at Stubbs. We walked 6th St. We are waiting.

xtheprophetx's gonna go get tatted up. The booze in our blood stream is getting low. Stay tuned.

BTY 4 Life

The High Priest

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