Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hope - The Apostle 1: 2-24 04:46

The following is the first call to The High Priest from TheApostle on Sat. 2/24 @ 04:46.
Some parts of the call have been changed for reasons you don't need to know.

" XXXXX. Right now I'm looking at my uh XXXXXXX jersey. How I wrote Hope on top of it. And ya know what? That, uh, that summarizes what we're about man. Ya know what, and as small as it is.

One jersey. One man
One figure.
One Deity.
A XXXXXXX jersey with Hope on it.
One Deity.
That, uh, that sums it up man.

I'm looking at it with the signature and ya know what, that one man is responsible for so much joy in my life, and ya know what? You deserve it too. You deserve that joy."

(A few moments of non-sensical mumbling)

"I will properly punch them in the face.


Uhhh, you might have felt it with XXXX, maybe a little bit ... and..."

(More mumbling)

"You've never really felt this love but I'm gonna tell ya something...There is love, there is true love involved when your team wins it all. And it is sooo beautiful. And I pray to God, I pray to God for two things:

One, that I can feel it again, and ..."

(Angry rambling)

"Uhhh...I'm sorry, I'm sorry that had to happen, but at the same time now you know how I feel. Now you know my pain and it f#cking hurts, don't it.

Oh My God."

(Escalating angry rambling)

"Who was the one guy saying Not Now! Not Now!
This Guy!
Who didn't give up?
This Guy!

And ya know what? I want to be there when we...
Ya know what? Hopefully one day we will both get our just rewards. Hopefully one day...

I love ya brother.
You're a great man and I look up to ya.

Talk to you soon."

BTY 4 Life

The High Priest.

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