Sunday, March 18, 2007

Goodbye...Goodbye...Goodbye! - SXSW THE END

I am going to make this brief.

I am tired.

SXSW is done and home is calling.

Mew were amazing. They should be playing stadiums.
If they are coming to your town go see them.
They are THE SXSW BTY BAND of Day 4.

Bad Wizard were a good time. What a great party time metal band.
They play in such a unified front that it is like taking on football lineman.

Midlake were good but brief. It was like a small tease.
I still say "Young Bride" perfectly channels ELO.

The SXSW portion of the BTY Blog is done for now.
Stay tuned for more music and culture goodness.

The wait starts. 365 Days.

BTY 4 Life

The High Priest

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