Friday, March 16, 2007

A Day of Metal - SXSW Day 2 or ATSUO!

It is hard to put into words the greatness that was Day 2.


I am hoarse from screaming.
My neck is sore from headbanging like a monster.
My hearing was reduced another notch.

Does it sound like the metal kicked my ass? Yeah. But I kept coming back for more.

I salute EVERY METAL BAND we saw yesterday as our BTY bands of Day 2.

As it stands right now, the Scion day party featuring Pelican, BORIS, and the Melvins goes down as the greatest day party of all time.

Pelican kicked it in the ass as usual playing mostly new material.
xtheprophetx got to hear "Dead Between the Walls" off the upcoming City of Echoes, but I was denied "March to the Sea".
So be it.

BORIS were simply amazing. They played some vicious tracks off of Pink and Akuma. Needless to say I was headbanging like a champion. They also had some great merch including new shirts for Pink and Dronevil Final and a beautiful piece of HydraHead vinyl for some tracks they did with Merzbow. It is a beautiful green gatefold featuring art by FangsAnalSatan with green/blue/white marble wax. One down for BORIS, three to go.

The Melvins came on and did something I could never imagine anyone doing: They blew BORIS out of the water. I have never seen Melvins before and I was totally impressed. It also gave me a sneak peek into Big Business, who I will speak of later. This is one band that I will try very hard not to miss when they come to town.

For you poster people out there, there is an amazing poster Justin Hampton did for this showcase that I suggest you buy when it goes onsale at 3/20 at 12 noon pacific.

The evening was spent mostly at Emos Annex at the HydraHead showcase, with a quick late night jaunt to Red Eye Fly for The Horrors.

The HydraHead showcase was brilliant with the exception of Oxbow, who sucked balls. The lead singer stripped down to his underwear and spent most of the set fondling himself. NOT COOL.

Daughters were great. That lead singer is crazy. They played mostly off of Hell Songs, which is an album I am very fond of. They had a SXSW only vinyl edition of it with a cover screenprinted by our friends from Burlesque of North America.

It felt like Big Business was ripping a whole in the earth. Then again, I WAS standing in front of the speakers. You wanna talk about some hardcore rock, well here you go. They played Here Comes the Waterworks from front ot back and it was an amazing experience. I was also lucky to snag the Japanese Daymare edition of the record for only ten bucks. Sorry Inoxia.

I was very glad the American authorities let Jesu into the country, because they sounded great. They actually are heavier live, which was something I was a little worried about after hearing the metal-pop sound of the Silver Ep. I cannot wait to see them again next week when they open for ISIS.

So, it was a successful showcase. It was great to be there as I had always hoped that my first SXSW would include a HydraHead showcase. I think the best part about it is the accessibility of the bands. I was able to have conversations with Sam of Daughters, Trevor of Pelican, and Atsuo of Boris, which was a metal head's dream come true. I will remember this night for a long time.

The Horrors were everything I expected them to be. They are a committed band with their look, their energy, and their sound, which was, to my pleasant surprise, very heavy. The lead singer did not disappoint with several stage jumps and pulling people up onto the stage only to push them off into the crowd. In one sequence he jumped from the stage to the middle of the crowd, jumped up on the bar, starting swinging from a hanging light, and then ripped a blue tarp off a tree as he was trying to swing himself back onto stage. Brilliant. Plus, I got to hear "Sheena is a Parasite", which is a great song and an even better video.

I gotta go. More day parties are calling. Vice, Filter, Fader. boris, Big Business, Turbo, Zoroaster, Cheeseburger.

And that's just this afternoon.

So, F*ck you, buddy.

BTY 4 Life

The High Priest

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