Thursday, March 15, 2007

Killing It - SXSW Day 1 or That Spicy Sausage was a Bad Choice

We have survived Day 1.
Actually we didn't just survive, we thrived.

It was an exciting day with great bands, great parties, and Lone Star Beer.

I'd like to start to by saluting our BTY bands of Day 1 in no particular order:


Nice job gentlemen, and one lady, on playing the most inspired sets of the day.

Now a full breakdown:

Nothing says BTY like the Fader Party at The Fort. This place is going to kick ass every day. Great bands, free booze, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force make this THE day party of the day and possibly the week.

Kenna kicked it in the ass. You may or may not have heard of them, but I know you've heard their music. They provide the soundtrack to the PSP commercial where that douchebag kid is looking for the awful tease of a girl. These guys have a new album coming out in June and I highly suggest you check it out.

The Foals might just be the next big thing out of the UK. A very tight, kind of heavy punk sound that should be seeing its way to a label very soon.

Vandervelde was ok. The last two songs delivered the dirty old rock he is capable of, but I believe xtheprophetx put it the best when he said it sounding like they were warming up for most of the set.

The rest of the night was spread among Emos, Exodus, Stubbs, and Emos IV.

Wolf and Cub were good. They rocked it pretty hard. xtheprophetx thought they were sloppy, but said they will get to where they need to be.

Automatica's first US performance was a Brit-Punk Tour De Force. Catchy songs, great stage presence, and an amazing cover of the Talking Heads made this a good choice. Be on the look for "Monster Coming Over the Hill". It will be big.

Cody Chesnut is a weird dude. He sounded fine and looked great in a Curtis Mayfield motif complete with a flowing robe, but it was a little boring. When I saw him much later that night at Saul Williams he was sitting in the back of the hall completely covered with his robe with a crazy look in his eye. It was creepy.

Oxford Collapse SUCK BALLS! xtheprophetx would like to sacrifice them as they have angered the BTY Gods.

Kinski KICKED ASS. Totally hard core head banging music. They played a few off of Alpine Static including "Wives of Artie Shaw" and "Hot Stenographer", but the highlight for me was the new stuff. That album is going to be good. Chris was good enough to talk with me after the show. He is a cool dude. Interesting note: The disc they did for Three Lobed's Modern Containment Series was suppose to be a third side to Alpine Static.

Saul Williams was cool. I applaud his very enthusiatic crowd.

I gotta go. Scion Party is calling. Pelican, Boris, Melvins.


BTY 4 Life

The High Priest

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